Chamber Music Recording Project...

Tallowdale Music will record several new chamber works by Jonathan L. Billingham in October this year. The project will include Billingham's recently premiered piece, "From Hidden Valleys to the Open Sea", commissioned by The Manning Winter Festival. This work evokes the beauty of the Manning Valley, following the flight of a bird from the mountain tops to where the river flows into the ocean. Soaring melodies, lush harmonies and fluid rhythms will surround the listener. We look forward to making this track available! 

The project will include several other works by Billingham for varied chamber ensembles: chamber orchestra, wind quintet and violin, clarinet & piano trio. The musicians will be performing a concert in Sydney, before heading into the studio. 

Come along to hear Billingham's music performed live on Saturday 17th September, 5pm at Carlingford Baptist Church.

Find out more about the Tallowdale Music Concert here.