The Tallowdale Tea collection includes our full range of high quality, loose-leaf black, green and herbal tea blends and tisanes plus tea accessories.
Assam Tea
Assam Tea From $12.00
Chamomile From $12.00
Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding From $15.00
Citrus Green Tea
Citrus Green Tea From $15.00
Dreamy Green
Dreamy Green From $4.00
Earl Grey
Earl Grey From $12.00
Green & Gold
Green & Gold From $15.00
Green Tea
Green Tea From $12.00
Hipster Rose
Hipster Rose From $4.00
Lavender Lullaby
Lavender Lullaby From $4.00
Little Miss Grey
Little Miss Grey From $4.00
Mr Grumpy Grey
Mr Grumpy Grey From $15.00