Support Tallowdale Music

Tallowdale Music and Australian composer, Jonathan Billingham, requests your support. Will you partner with us to expand and promote our contribution to Australian Music and The Arts? We would highly value your help as we seek to undertake a variety of projects.

As you become familiar with Billingham’s intricate and emotive musical style, we hope you will want to hear new works, recordings and performances created. However, because the resources needed to pursue new projects are considerable, Tallowdale Music is seeking various kinds of support.

Of course, you can support the work of Tallowdale Music through attending concerts, purchasing recordings and sheet music. We also hope that you will encourage others to immerse themselves in the composer’s growing repertoire of evocative music.

For those who would like to partner strategically with us, here are some effective ways you can help Tallowdale Music to create and distribute new music for the enjoyment of many.

For more information about how you can be involved, please contact